On March 11th, downtown Oklahoma City will be buzzing as one of the most anticipated fight cards in the history of Oklahoma will invade the prestigious Criterion for an action packed night. Bricktown, the illustrious heart of the city, will be packed as the city's professional basketball team, the Thunder play a 2 p.m. day game vs the Utah Jazz directly leading into the night's cage fighting super event starting at 6 just a few blocks away. Aptly named Rumble (KOP 53: Vanguard PI® Bricktown Rumble), like the OKC Thunder mascot, this prolific fight card embodies the heart, spirit, and grit of this thriving city.

Fans will be able to experience downtown in it's entirety, with a day and evening full of high level professional sports action, followed by the vibrant night life at multiple night clubs and bars, such as the official after party location of KOP 53, Dollhouse OKC.

The fight card features a Main Event clash between two of the region's most promising featherweights, as #2 ranked Zac Church (7-3) squares off with #10 Justin Rader (5-2), a student under infamous BJJ legend Rafael Lovato Jr. Both men are hungry for the biggest win of their career and a win for either does just that, putting both men closer to the next level of opportunity such as the UFC.

The Co-Main is just as intriguing of a fight and for some, even more so, as undefeated and quickly rising prospect Aaron McKenzie (3-0) takes on Justin Overton (4-2), a fighter who was most recently seen choking a heavily favored opponent unconscious on a Bellator MMA card. McKenzie has beaten a list of strong opponents, as has Overton, and both men look to also take that next step in their careers, putting themselves on the map of national rankings contention.

McKenzie vs Overton.jpg

Multiple undefeated fighters are featured on this colossal fight card including popular names like JR "Bam Bam" Coughran (2-0) and female prospects such as Stepheanie Geltmacher (2-0).

The official fight card carries 12 bouts, but as with any card, a possibility of a change exists if an unforeseen injury or situation occurs. Regardless, the card as stacked as it gets. With multiple female fights and a variety of fighter styles in all the bouts, this card is bound to leave a mark on the history of MMA in Oklahoma.

Tickets are available through: TICKETMASTER.COM and the event will be on PPV via FITE outside of Oklahoma!

  • Justin Rader #10 (5-2) vs Zac Church #2 (7-3) - 145
  • Aaron McKenzie (3-0) vs Justin Overton (4-2) - 155
  • JR Coughran (2-0) vs Aaron Roberson (7-6) - 145
  • Mattthew Dixon (4-0) vs Steven Jones (5-2) - 170
  • Kristina Williams (D) vs Ashlynn Kleinbeck (1-0) - 135
  • Matt Coe (1-0) vs Brad Frakes (1-0) - 205
  • Shawn Gustafson (3-3) vs Dyaln Doolittle (4-3) - 135
  • Chris Thornton (3-2) vs Phillip Terrell (1-1) - 135
  • Kayla Houtz (D) vs LeAnn Adkisson (1-0) - 115
  • Kris Vereen (1-0) vs Kirk Wiggins (1-2) - 185
  • Emilio Gatewood (1-2) vs Nick Palmer (D) - 170
  • Akeeme Williams (D) vs Cody McKamy (D) - 155

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